Introduce Your Mind & Body to Everything They Need
100% Plant Based
High Strength CBD
Upgraded C8 MCT Oil


Searching for a way to energise body and mind the natural way?
Wish you didn’t feel tired, worn out and stressed at the end of the day?
Struggling to find natural relief that you can trust?

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Cannwell Triple C Changes Everything

No matter whether it’s time to rest and relax, or re-energise and go again, nothing compares to connecting with the natural world. At Cannwell we care about doing things the right way, so when you spoke, we listened. The result was a flavourless, high-strength CBD product made with upgraded C8 MCT oil to give your mind and body everything they need.

Longer Lasting Energy

99% Caprylic Acid MCT Oil

Longer Lasting Relief

High Strength blends Only

Longer Lasting Benefits

CBD Isolate Tested to 99% Purity


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Why Upgrade to
C8 MCT Oil?

Cannwell products aren’t just designed to offer you the premium experience you deserve, they’re also designed to open up new areas in the world of health and wellness to everyone. When we learned about the benefits of MCT Oil, we knew we’d found something that offered a unique foundation for achieving your health and wellness goals, but we still weren’t satisfied. So, we upgraded to C8 MCT oil to give you the truly natural experience you deserve. Here’s why we did it:


Thanks to a unique 99% concentration of Caprylic Acid the highly digestible fat your mind and body need.

Improves Focus

by fuelling your brain exactly how nature intended.

Potent Energy

that allows you to enjoy life without dips in your energy levels.

Naturally Enhanced Oil

that upgrades a proven product to create something truly next-level.

C8 MCT Oil is a nutrient-rich, all-natural brain booster that allows you to fuel your mind and body the natural way. It’s why we’ve decided to use it as the foundation for our latest range of innovative, high-strength CBD products, and we know you’ll experience the benefits from the moment it arrives.

How to Use? You Choose

Drop under tongue and hold for 30 seconds

Add to Breakfast, Lunch or Evening Meal

Drop into favourite drinks or shakes

Laboratory Tested to ensure every drop is exactly the way nature intended.

ISO Certified to the highest 9001 & 22000
standards, each and every time.

C8 Guaranteed because we commit to 99%
caprylic acid for body and mind.

Flavourless Oil that allows you to add
natural goodness to any area of your life.

Potent Formulation infused with the premium
quality CBD that made our name.

All-Natural oil sourced from coconuts and guaranteed free from heavy metals,
mycotoxins, chemicals, additives and pesticides for a product you can trust.


While there are no fixed guidelines for CBD consumption, we recommend starting low and gradually increasing to no more than the UK guideline of 70mg per day

Amount of CBD in each dose

Single Drop (1 drop/0.05ml)
Full Dropper (20 drops/1ml)

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Organic Vegetable Glycerin

  • EU Organic

  • Sourced from Rapeseed

  • USP Pharma Grade

  • Non-GMO & Palm Free

CBD Isolate

  • Traced back to farm

  • Tested to 99% purity

  • GMP Processed

  • No chemicals & pesticides

Natural Flavor

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Aldehyde Free

  • Produced in the EU

Disclaimer: CBD is a natural constituent of industrial hemp. This product contains less that 0.2% THC

Independant Testing

In the interest of our customers, this product is rigorously and
independently batch tested above industry standards for:

Chemicals · Cannabinoids Levels (inc. CBD) · Heavy Metals
Lipids (Oils) · Microbio & Toxins · Pesticides