Some things change lives – sometimes they happen in a moment, in just a thought, a second’s glance – Then BOOM! You’re on a different path and walking towards what you only ever imagined.

In 2017, Dan Rodwell our founder had this moment – a few moments in fact, that set our entire Cannwell community into a ‘can-do’ motion.

After years managing Crohn’s, Dan was hit with Guillain Barre Syndrome – a rare, life-threatening condition, leaving him paralysed and in a coma. At best, the recovery would take up to 18 months and leave potential long-term disability.

On waking from the coma, Dan started using his own Cannwell CBD – something he swore by for Crohn’s – helping him to cut through the anxiety, depression, and pain. In days, he gained the focus to see beyond his situation, to work harder and recover faster.

The movement started to come back into his arms, then legs – rapid progress that left medical teams baffled. Against all odds, Dan made a profound recovery and was released from the hospital in 33 days.

Cannwell CBD was already a great company but, from this pivotal point, a true vision and purpose for Cannwell emerged. Through his sheer fight for life, Dan knew he could help people access the life they want.

The purpose of Cannwell CBD was born – to help people access the life they want. So yes, some things change lives – sometimes they change many lives.
Cannwell CBD are now on an unwavering mission to share and advance the benefits of CBD, by developing new technologies while eliminating any negative effects on both people and planet.

Dan’s experience of CBD during serious health challenges is well documented by the medical industry and media. He features in the national and international press and is regularly invited to speak at events and conferences.
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